Women ovaries are very important in life. They are responsible in producing women hormones like oestrogen and progesterone.

Cancer of the ovary is a cancerous growth that occurs in the ovaries.

It affects different parts of the ovary.

Stage 1A involves one ovary, capsule intact, no tumor on ovarian surface, negative washings.

Stage 1A Ovarian Cancer

Stage 1B involves both ovaries; capsule intact; no tumor on ovarian surface; negative washings

Stage 1B Ovarian Cancer

Stage 1C tumor involves one or both ovaries

Stage 1C Ovarian Cancer

This type of cancer occurs when a tumor is formed in the ovaries.

These tumors are malignant and can move to other tissues in the body.

They can result to other type of cancerous tumors like liver cancer or lung cancer.

This kind of tumor can cause really problems to your heath and should be treated when first detected.

Cancer of the Ovary Symptoms of this type of cancer includes back pains, pelvic pain, frequent urination, breast tenderness, missed period, constipation, vaginal bleeding, excessive growth of hair, weight gain or menstrual irregularity.

Ovarian cancer progress in 4 different stages, the earlier the stage the easy it is to treat it.

When you get the first signs you should make sure you see a doctor before it’s too late.