high blood glucoseGlucose level has to deal with the amount of sugar or glucose that is found in your blood. High sugar levels in the blood can often be detected for diabetic patients who take regular insulin during evening time. Also called as the Somyogi effect, high morning insulin occurs because of a natural body phenomenon that takes place during the sleep.

High sugar levels in the morning can be noticed because of a counter effect arising from body procedures taking place during the night. During night, when your body sugar level drops to an extreme low level, the body counters this event by releasing hormones and this raises the sugar levels. Sugar levels can drop during the night because of intake of insulin in evening or because of lack of proper meal during the night time. Thus, you can cure this problem of morning high blood sugar levels by hanging the time on which you take insulin. Switching over to the use of an insulin pump can also help as it can release extra insulin during the morning hours.