diabetes mellitusDiabetes or hyperglycemia can be quite life threatening. Overindulgence in diet at such times can be really fatal. While the doctors prescribe a lot of injections and pills, it is the exercise regimen and moderation in food intake which saves the day for a diabetic.

Diabetes mellitus results from an overdose of sugar in the blood stream and hence it is important to resist saccharine. It is also important to shy away from anything that increases urea and creatinine in the body as kidney is very quickly affected by diabetes. You should also know of the allergies of your nervous system as they are also prone to diabetic attacks.

Diabetes creates cardiovascular problems too. This is why it is important to resist transfat and saturated fat. These create cholesterol of low density and diabetic patients are already vulnerable to heart frights. Sugar free tea falls within the regimen of a diabetic.