Fighting arthritis with the right foodsArthritis, much like gout, is an attack on the joints. The rheumatoid arthritis is the commonest form and causes acute pain.

Life goes for a ride when the pain occurs. It is known to even remain for two to three weeks. And the biggest problem is that it is often chronic. High presence of uric acid in the food causes this.

One should try and not be fat if one is suffering from this. Otherwise it is trouble.

The foods to avoid are any animal or bird’s meet and alcohol.
One should have food that is cooked in olive oil. The citrus fruits are great lessening agents of arthritis. They are oranges, lemons. In fact, all Vitamin C foods are good.

Grapes, berries, blueberry are also quite effective. For the non-vegetarians, the salmon and tuna fish act as problem solvers.

One should have very spicy food, but ginger and turmeric are ready exceptions. They reduce arthritis greatly.