herbs for diabetesDiabetes or hyperglycemia can be life threatening. The fact that insulin cannot pass the glucose effectively into the blood cells and it remains in the blood stream can create life-impacting situations. Today, there are many herbs that are used for the purpose of treating diabetes. Yes, there are the pharma labs and injections and pills but overall, the natural remedies are just as poignant.

An oriental Himalayan herb called ashwa gandha is considered very effective against diabetes. It lowers blood sugar and also triggers insulin production to a small extent.

Indian Kino and Malabar Kino are very effective against diabetes too. Flavonoid present in the tree bark prevents damage to the pancreatic beta cells. The same function is also performed by epicatechin and extracts of alcohol in crude form. Cherukurinja or Silvestre is another herb wholesomely used for the purpose of diabetes treatment. Even onion and garlic are known to hold fort against the heightening of blood sugar.