Comment on Hernia or rupture by tina hodges.

was reading the information from this site and a couple of others and i tried to explain that i thought that i ruputure my hernia that was just repaired in january 12th of 2010 but the doctors shundded off , and stated it had to all the medications that i was on and he changed them and at first i figured it was working , being i had gotton my eneragy back , and than just 4 days ago i was working in the back feild of the farm and bent down to pick up a pipe that wasn’t large or heavy at all and the pain rushed threw from the right flank to the front of the belly and i went down , and now the intire area is increasing in pain and disconfort , there is pain when i stand , sit or lay down and if i lay on abdoman its worse ,i am also having mild vomiting, extreme weakness and dizzyness i am afraid to go to the hospital or the doctors office due to the fact when i try to say what it maybe they never look or test , and if this is a strangulated hernia than i could dye , what should i do ????