Comment on Hernia or rupture by Murray Hobbis.

My belly button rupture causes some pain and slight discomfort when I wear a harness. I have used a couple of belts for the back but it caused pain in my back and pain in my kidney. I have tried different types of tape but because of the glue that us used for the tape to stay on, they have caused rash of the belly button. But I found that the green masking tape for painters works the best. I lay on my back when tapeing, tear off 4 pieces about 6-7 inches long. One at a time thenwith the first one start the tape on the vertical about 3 inches below the button and with your finger fold the skin as you tape pulling the tape over the fold. then repeat installing the horizontal piece then two pieces on an angle one left one right. For me this provides an all day application. sometimes if I get pain in the night I apply two one vertical and one horizontal