Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world, after heart diseases.

Once cancer starts spreading there is no saying if it can be stopped permanently through therapy or surgeries.

In several cases, even after complete surgery and chemotherapy, a person succumbs to cancer again.

Cancer is basically the uncontrolled growth of cells of the body in certain areas (which might spread).

This causes the extra cells to take up the nutrition, leaving the functioning cells weak. This leads to organ failure.

Prevent Cancer with the Right Nutrition

A good diet can definitely help you reduce your chances of getting cancer.

Anti-oxidant rich roods are the best option you have. Foods like figs, green tea, and garlic are all known to be good for the body.

They fight foreign particles and organisms in the body which helps us keep our immune system strong.

You should take extra precaution if your family has a history of cancer.