diabetic hypermetropiaHypermetropia is a condition that is commonly known as farsightedness. This is the inability of a person to focus on objects which are placed nearby. The main cause of this condition is the irregular shape of the eyeball. Although scientific evidences show that this might be a genetic problem, there are hardly any genes found that could be related to this one. This condition manifests itself when the lens of the eye loses its ability to focus itself on close objects.

It is quite difficult to know whether you are prone to hypermetropia, yet in case you want to keep yourself from suffering from this problem it is essential that you maintain the health of your eyes. Include lots of food in your diet which have been marked as good for the eyes and your vision. Carrots are one such food. However there could be other factors which lead on to hypermetropia.

Diabetes might also beĀ one cause of this problem. Make sure you have got your diabetes in check. Keeping a healthy heart is also quite an essential task.