Comment on INFLAMMATION OF THE BLADDER (Cystitis) by Richard Arnold.

I have the same penis pain you describe and doctors tell me that it is referred pain from my bladder. I have had this condition for four years and it is driving me crazy. Almost every aspect of my life is affected: work, exercise, sex, diet, etc. I am depressed a lot of the time and have taken time off work. So far I have tried antibiotics, homeopathics, DMSO instillations, Botox injections, Elmiron, and many others. I am up between 3 and 6 times a night. Sometimes I can hold my urination for three hours, other times it is every 15 minutes. There is always pain. it feels like gonnorhea. I will not give up hope until I have tried everything. I want my life back! P.S. my diagnosis is bladder inflammation, not infection or prostatitis.