Insulin-The Artificial Way to Control Diabetes

Patients suffering from Diabetes 1 can be treated using insulin hormone; however, patients with Diabetes type 2can also use it. In the past, animal insulin was administered to the patients but research has clearly recommended human insulin as the best therapy. There are many ways in which human insulin can be taken.

Before giving insulin to a patient, it is medically required for the doctor to check the amount of sugar in the blood system of the patient. Some will require insulin that works within a short time while others require long lasting insulin. This should be balanced properly. Insulin can either be inserted or through injections. All these methods have different effects on the patient like some patients may have an allergy after having an injection.

Scientists have improvised an insulin pump which is less painful with very minimal negative effects. The instrument is known as a catheter and is introduced into the patient’s body. This is done before taking meals.