What is Hemorrhoids?

The term hemorrhoids have always been a big taboo for many people. Even in todays presumably well informed society, the idea of hemorrhoids has always been linked to promiscuous activities like having anal sex or maybe due to excessive indulgence like eating way too much black peppers. These things are myths. Piles as we would commonly call them, hemorrhoids are inflammations or swelling of the veins located at the anus as well as the lower section of the rectum. This is a common condition for people who are 50 and above but it can also happen to people under that age bracket.

Causes of Hemorrhoid

The main cause of hemorrhoids is the pressure exerted in the lower side of the rectum. The anus is a muscle that can stretch and too much pressure can cause it to become swollen and bulging. The most common factors that could cause the pressure would be straining when you have bowel movements, probably due to constipation. If you sit on the toilet too long, you might stretch the muscles that could lead to constipation. A person that experiences constant constipation or diarrhea can also experience this. Though anal sex may not be a direct cause, a person with already irritated blood vessels or swollen tissues can risk developing a worse condition if anal penetration happens. Other conditions that could cause hemorrhoids are pregnancy and constipation.

Natural Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Well, we think that food only comes in the mouth but sometimes, they need to be used on the other end if you have hemorrhoids. There are numerous natural home remedies that you can take advantage of. Here are some of the more prominent examples:


Using grated potato, create a poultice. This is a really effective way to soothe the irritated anus. Clean the potatoes before using them. Cut them into tinier pieces and then blend them to become finer and mushed. Do this until the potato is transformed to liquid form. If it looks a bit dry, add some water. Get a clean gauze or bandage and place some of the substance. Fold it to cover and then place it on top of the problem area. Potato has an astringent property and can help soothe the irritation. Some people use potato as a suppository in small pieces of course but talk to your doctor before doing this.


Do not worry; this is a lot less harsh. Just eat a lot of oranges and fruits with vitamin C. this vitamin is necessary to keep the blood vessels in good shape at all times. Of course, this is more of a preventative measure but it pays to do it so that the blood vessels will become less irritated and become more resilient.

Aloe Vera

Such a versatile plant. As we all know, this is very useful for minimizing the irritations and inflammation especially on sunburned skin. All you need to do is break up a piece, extract the gel and with clean fingers or other clean applicators, apply the gel to the problem area.