What is Obesity

To simply put it, Obesity is the excessive presence of fats around the body. It could increase the risks of life threatening diseases and it could also alter the body not only in a cosmetic aspect but also in a functional aspect. In order to understand obesity, doctors have created the so-called BMI or Body Mass Index. Here, we see the fat ratio based on age height and weight where your range can be from underweight to obese. In America, and possibly other developed countries, the rate of people from your children, teenagers and adults with obesity has increased and this is an alarming situation that shows that modern society eats a lot of the wrong things and never shed them off as much.

What Causes Obesity

There are many reasons for obesity to happen. The most common reason is consuming too much food. As the saying goes: too much of the good thing is bad for you. Anything we consume beyond the capacity of the body to prudently utilize for daily processes becomes fat. The calorie consumption has increased tremendously with the popularity of fast food, packaged goods and instant foods. Another cause of Obesity is sedentary living. The most active part of the body nowadays would have to be limited to the fingers and eye muscles. We tap the phone, tablet and laptops. Sit or lie down while eating junk food, watching TV or playing games. Another factor that could lead to obesity is lack of sleep. No sleep or the lack of 8 hours of sleep could increase obesity chances 200%.

Obesity is a condition that can elevate the chances of hypertension, diabetes, cardiac problems, poor bone condition, general weakness and incapacity for regular activities not to mention the ostracizing from society, mockery and fat jokes. It is also a big psychological and emotional harm as much as it harms us from the inside. Good thing, there are natural remedies that can be done to manage obesity while you still can. Some people who reach beyond 400 Lbs or more might not be able to move anymore and thus, they might need bariatric surgery to increase the weight loss process, before causing much trouble. Nonetheless, for those who can still do something about it, here are some home remedies to help you revert your body to your regular self.

Natural Home Remedies for Obesity

  • The idea is to get help from a professional dietician or nutritionist. Together with your physician, they can develop a diet plan to help improve nutrition while not consuming as much as possible. Depending on your own physical condition, you will need a customized plan. Though some food items might work, they do not necessarily work the same for everybody.
  • Stick to the plan. If you are having difficulties in keeping up with the plan, it would be best to get support from the family and from others. The internet has resources of people who are also undergoing weight loss and you can get insights and strength from them.
  • Obesity is much of a psychological aspect so it is important to have the family by your side. It is important since they know exactly what ticks off your hunger pangs and what happens if you are depressed or angry. Emotional eating is a very bad thing.
  • Small frequent meals. Timing your meals is crucial in keeping your biological time clock in check. You eat at exactly that time that you have to eat but you will not feel hungry since you are eating in between. You lessen your number of calories but you still keep yourself satiated.
  • It is very important to always have variety when it comes to diets so make sure that your dietician provides numerous options and alternatives. This will make the diet more exploratory and pleasant.
  • Keep your physical activity in check. Do it gradually. Ask the help of the family to guide you. It might also be advantageous to get a personal trainer to keep you in check.