Causes of Cough

Coughing is a reaction that clears the blocked passage way of any substances, mainly phlegm or sputum. However, it has to be noted that coughing can also be a reaction of condition like allergies, pneumonia, or bronchitis. Cough can either be productive do dry. A productive cough enables the body to get rid of irritants like phlegm. A dry cough is usually painful and can cause damage to the lining due to the pressure exerted. In such situations, cough medications will be helpful to ensure that the throat area will be able to suppress the pain and make it easier to relieve the coughing.

Natural Remedy for Cough


For dry cough, almond is a natural remedy for cough. To prepare the almonds, select 7 pieces and soak them overnight. Let the skin of the almonds loose enough to be removed. Then, the meaty part of the nut should be ground and transformed to a paste-like consistency. Butter and sugar will then be added to the paste and this will serve as the lubricant for the throat that will be taken in every morning and evening.


You can boil marjoram and after 15 minutes, you can drink the water at least 3 times a day. This is an easy natural remedy for cough.


Grapes are natural expectorants and they are filled with nutritional value that relieves the simplest of colds in just a couple of days. For the best possible relief, mix the grapes with some honey and these will relieve you from cough and colds sooner than expected.


Again, for dry cough, turmeric root can be roasted and then pulverized. For the best effect, this powdered form should be taken in morning and night at least 3 gram doses to provide the necessary ease to the throat area and provide relief from coughing.


Get an onion and chop it finely. Extract the juice from the onion. One teaspoon of onion juice should be mixed with an equal amount of honey. Let it age for around 5 hours and this can be used as a really good cough syrup. Again, take this substance twice a day to effectively provide relief from coughing. Phlegm can also be removed by onions. Just mix some crushed onions with lemon and they add some boiling water. You can add a bit of honey for added flavor.


First, boil 10 grams of Sprague for 15 minutes in 500grams of water. Once it has cooled, add a pinch of salt and gargle the liquid twice a day. When you use this product, the mucus will break down and help you in relieving the cough.


This natural remedy for cough. Is also helpful for those with dry cough and painful expectoration. What this product does is break down the mucus. You can easily buy some tea made from this product and drink this regularly to remove the coughing and difficulties.


Get yourself 100 grams of raisins. The sauce will be prepared by grinding them and then mixing some sugar. Place the mixture in a saucepan and then let it heat. Once the substance becomes close to saucy consistency, you place it on a jar and have it preserved. You can now use this before you hit the sheets every day till the cough fades away.

Belleric Myroblan

This is a kind of herb that is very popular in relieving yourself from cough. This consists of 2 grams of fruit pulp, salt, pepper, and honey. You take in this mixture twice every day.


Boil some of the leaves and inhale the vapor coming from the boiling leaves.