Comment on QUINSY by Brayanm.

On friday morning when I woke up I thought it was just a regular sore throat then as the day went by the pain was unbearable so i started to gargle with warm water and salt, warm water with vinegar. I bought Cepacol, Chloraseptic Lozenges and nothing worked!!! It was already the weekend so I couldn’t schedule and appointment with my Doc. So took so many pain killers but that would only work for like 40 minutes and the pain would return! Finally Today Monday I saw my doctor and she was told me that if i had gone untreated i could have died from suffocation. I got a little scared because i had gone 3 days without treatment! So she prescribed me Amoxicillin and Clavulanate! I also swallowed Puss which was gross! Worst Taste EVER!!!!! I took my first pill so hopefully ill get better!