Comment on QUINSY by Neil Morgan.

Just been discharged from hospital today. (Tuesday 11th Septermber 2012)
Initially, the symptoms started 10 days ago – mild sore throat . As the week progressed the pain in my throat got more and more intense. Starting from Sunday (mild) to Friday (intense pain). At this point I thought it was glandular fever (as they share the initial symptoms). I actually went to my local ‘walk in centre’ and they gave me antibiotic’s to combat it, as they just said it was a viral infection. Come Saturday night my throat has swelled up that bad, I had very very shallow breath, I was unable to swallow 2 small tablets, and every time I drank water it would come out of my nasal passage because my throat was so swollen. Not to mention the severe lack of sleep, lack of food, and water…I was a walking mess.
Again I went down to the walk in centre where by the correct diagnosis was given by a nervous looking GP – Quinsy. First time I had hear it. On entering A & E at my local hospital, one doctor tried to drain most of the puss but has said they hadn’t developed enough. Although she did manage to drain 1-2ml of pus. (that was on a Sunday). The following day, after being pumped full of IV, Antibiotics, Steroids, the doctor removed another 3.5 ml of pus from my mouth. On average a person usually has 1 ml… it got this far I dont know but am glad to say I am so relieved it has gone, very painful experience and one I wouldn’t like to share again. So going to get my tonsils taken out later this year.