Comment on QUINSY by Madwife.

I had quinsy 11 years ago and was rushed straight into hospital from the GP’s surgery. They tried to syringe the pus in the first instance which didn’t work sl gave me an IV overnight (I hadn’t eaten for days as was agony). The following morning they lanced my tonsils & within a few hours I was feeling so much better & eating ice-cream! I couldn’t previously talk, swallow or eat & whilst I was on a course of anti biotics for tonsillitus this developed very quickly, it was 2 old ladies comnentinv that I was “deaf & dumb” that forced me to follow up with another GP.
Now whenever I am run down or tired, the first place to flare up is my throat but luckily no repeat……..until now!?!? As I am writing this my right side is angry red & painful & i’ll be seeing the docs tomorrow….. I forgot to mention that I was not put under General Anaesthefic for the lancing, I was sitting fully concious & had to spit the pus out!!! I never want to repeat that again. :-(