As a lot goes on with women’s bodies it can be hard for any man to understand. The breasts for instance are very sensitive and important at the same time. Diseases like cancer have however found a favourite dwelling place in the human breast and with this have come increased cases of breast cancer, world wide.

To avoid being caught unaware, self breast examinations to catch and treat cancer early are recommended.

Early Breast Cancer Detection is better than potentially devastating major breast surgery.

Breast Cancer Awareness

This test should be done at least 4 times in year.

When conducting a self breast examination, it is necessary to note changes with your eyes first before you go feeling anything.

Therefore, with your hands on your head, stand before the mirror and be on the look out for things like discoloration on the breasts, difference in breast size, one may probably be larger than the other or the nipples may appear inverted.

Pressing the nipples between the fingers can also be of help. If there is some bloody discharge then a person may have a reason to be alarmed.

Lastly, in circular motion, feel your breasts for any lumps that may be present.