Diabetes strikes fear into the heart of someone hearing the diagnosis for the first time. There is a lot that people don’t know about diabetes, but when you start to peel away the layers and really investigate the disease, you discover that you can manage your diabetes and continue to live a full life if you have the right information. Here are some effective tips to help you handle your diabetes.

1. Eat on a schedule. Eating the right foods is probably something you have heard before, but diabetics especially must choose to eat on a regular schedule. That helps your body work better with the insulin you are prescribed, and you get an idea of what to expect in terms of your feelings every day. This will also help you to avoid binge eating. If you eat every few hours, there is no chance that you will be starving by the time the next meal comes around.

2. Move that body. Exercise is critical for diabetics. If you find a physical activity you love, you will be happy to spend time doing it. You must find activities that you like to do, and there are many of them available, from badminton to nature hiking. If you find you don’t like something, keep going until you find that one physical activity you feel good about.

3. Take your medicine. Medication is a huge part of diabetes. So it is surprising to learn that people often avoid taking their medication if they feel fine. This is a grave mistake and can ultimately result in a worsening of symptoms. If you feel that you don’t need to take as much insulin as prescribed, make the choice to see a doctor so he can adjust your insulin needs and talk to you about what you really need to do. Make sure you keep an accurate glucose levels log so your doctor knows what you are dealing with.

6. Pay attention to your body. Diabetes can lead to a lot of health problems due to so much sugar flowing in your blood. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on any changes in your body. Watch for changes in vision, for example. Be careful with your teeth and see a dentist whenever you have bleeding gums. Perhaps most importantly, be careful with your feet. Diabetics often have problems with their feet due to their disease, usually due to neuropathy. So it is important for you to actually look at your feet and note any changes that you may not be able to feel. Your feet are the furthest body parts from your heart, which can cause circulation problems for anyone, but when you have diabetes, the blood supply might be slightly worse due to the glucose in it. Make a point of monitoring your feet every day.

Use these tips to help you take care of your diabetes. You will find that paying attention to the information here can make you feel more positive about your illness and help you to live a great life in spite of it.