These are caused by irritation in various parts of the body, which is conveyed through the nervous system to the brain producing headache. Headache from eye strain is one of this class, and probably the most common, and, therefore, most important of all headaches. There is unfortunately no sure sign by which we can tell eye headaches from others, except examination of the eyes. Redness, twitching, and soreness of the eyelids, and watering of the eyes, together with headache, after their excessive use may suggest the cause in some cases. The pain may be occasioned or almost constant, and either about the eyes, forehead, top or back of the head, and often takes the form of “sick headache.” The headache may at times appear to have no connection with use of the eyes. When headache is frequent the eyes should always be examined by a competent oculist (a physician) not by any sort of an optician.

Decayed Teeth. These not uncommonly give rise to headache.

Disorders of the Nose and Throat. Such troubles, especially adenoids and enlarged tonsils in children, enlarged turbinates, and polypi (see Nose Disorders) are fruitful sources of headache. In nose headaches there is often tenderness on pressing on the inner wall of the bony socket inclosing the eyeball.

Diseases of the Maternal Organs. These in women produce headache, particularly pain in the back of the head. If local symptoms are also present, as backache (low down), leucorrhea, painful monthly periods, and irregular or excessive flowing, or trouble in urinating, then the cause of the headache is probably some disorder which can be cured at the hands of a skillful specialist in women’s diseases.