Comment on SYPHILIS; THE POX; LUES by IMyrna Skogland.

I am a adopted child from a promiscuous mother. How do I know whether the hospital where I was born, checked for this? How do I find out what they checked: I was born in 1957 . second born of six children put up for adoption. All my adoption papers say , healthy but anemic.

One half-sister suffers from MS, and I have what they call clinical depression. Am on meds for life. this started around puberty , my period finally came at 15. now I have suffered from continued skin eruptions for last 24 years. It looks like acne but has hard yellow center that is very difficult to get out. It started with a couple of large welts I noticed on my left arm and a slight fever. Than on my lower vagina towards the back , a boil or though I thought developed. It felt like a sitting on a needle. My husband broke a needle trying to penetrate the hard exterior. Took a long time to heal. Any doctor I see, seems to think it is a fungal infection of some sort. It be on the face, arms legs, back , stomach and chest area is always erupting.

Bee pollen ingredient in a moisturizer that is homeopathic will stop it. Have to find it again . Should I be concerned that this is more than a fungal infection that never stops. After reading this article, I am uneasy. My Birth mother does not always tell the truth, as I have found out, from my birth family, I do not know if the info on birth father is true or a fabrication.