Warning signs of diabetesIt is important to recognize diabetes. Thus, you should be careful about noticing any diabetes related symptoms or warnings that your body might be throwing. If you are feeling extremely thirsty or have problems of frequent urination, you should get your blood sugar levels tested. Blurred vision, drowsiness, sudden weight loss etc can also lead to diabetes. Hence, it is essential to consult a doctor if you face any of such warning signs. Diabetes is hereditary. Hence, if your parents are diabetic, you stand a high chance of inheriting the same. Lethargy also leads to diabetes.

Extreme irritation and rage generating feelings also signal towards your inability to generate insulin in body. Diabetes can also lead to increased fatigue. Hence, you should be careful of the same. Neuropathy is also a symptom towards diabetes. If you feel numbness setting in your hands and limbs, your blood sugar level might be high. Other symptoms like itchiness and cuts taking longer time to heal also point towards occurrence of diabetes in your body.